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These awesome people will spice up your Twitter feed

Whether you’re new to Twitter or simply not finding as many interesting things in your feed as you’d like to, finding new folks to follow is probably going to be the single thing that makes Twitter more fun, interesting, and useful for you. That said, curating takes time, effort, more time, and a bit of luck. Often, I’ll add someone new because they’ve said something interesting or relevant to me, only to find that they either never tweet, overtweet, or haven’t said many other things that I’ve cared to read. So how do you end up with a Twitter feed (mostly) full of interesting stories, links, photos, and videos? How can you minimize the lousy stuff? You follow the right people. And fear not, because the editors of Daily Genius are here to help!

We’ve put together a relatively short, but pretty well stacked list of great people to follow if you need to spice up your Twitter feed. What earned each of these people a spot on the list? A combination of things, but they all share a few common threads that we think are important. They share interesting stuff. Many of them are funny (some of them are really, really funny). They cover topics from politics, culture, international news, religion, tech, food, science, and more. They don’t just tweet to promote themselves, they tweet, retweet, and share to disseminate information that they like or find pertinent. They won’t blow up your feed by tweeting a hundred times an hour. They tweet often enough so that you remember they exist. Mostly, they feel quite real in the world of an overly automated, hyper-marketed, buzzword filled internet.

We hope you like the selections. Do you have any favorite twitter-ers that you think deserve to be included in the list? Share your personal picks with the Daily Genius community on the Daily Genius Facebook page or on Twitter by mentioning @DailyGenius. We’ll be updating this list with your recommendations periodically!

 Spice up your Twitter feed with these awesome people

George Takei

If you’re not following George Takei on Twitter, you’re really missing out. George shares a wide range of hilarity, often with his witty commentary and bad puns attached. His signature “OHH MYY” will start popping into your head when you see silly things on the internet after following him for a bit.

Kara Swisher

She’s that ballsy chick you wish you could be like, regardless of if you’re male or female. Part tech insider, part silly vine videos, commentary on life in SanFran, et al. Always interesting.

Elon Musk

Leading the pack on electric vehicles, space travel and is pretty much, well, everything else. Brainiac, businessman, and the closest thing to a real life Tony Stark that you’re going to find.

Rabbi Josh Yuter

Probably the most well-known Rabbi in the Twitterverse,  Rabbi Josh Yuter offers commentary on religion, politics, culture, and society, but he isn’t above making bad jokes every now and again.

Anil Dash

Shares excellent information in just about every arena you can imagine, with a healthy dose of ruminations. A standby favorite “must follow” person that I always recommend to everyone.

Anthony Bourdain

Big on food, travel, and sass. Hates vegetarians passionately. Not afraid to swear or self depricate.

LeVar Burton

The infamous Lt. Geordi LaForge from Star Trek The Next Generation is so much more than a sci-fi character. Offers educational, interesting info, and a bit of Reading Rainbow.

Harry McCracken

The tech editor for Fast Company gives great insight into new tech stuff with just the right amount of gentle snark.  

Bill Nye The Science Guy

If you don’t remember this guy from your childhood, its time to refresh your memory. Offers tidbits on science, and inspiration to change the world.

Christiane Amanpour

Find your dose of must-know international news from this trailblazing CNN host.

Patrick de Laive

Co-founder of The Next Web, offers tidbits on tech news, new stuff, and opinions.

Dr. Kevin Pho

Discusses health issues of all kinds. Offers thoughts on medical issues in the press.

Next Tech Blog

Sassy, fake headlines mocking click-bait, ridiculous marketing, and stupid journalism.

Ainissa Ramirez

Not only is she a female scientist, she wrote a book about the physics of football. Shares awesome STEM stuff and cool science tidbits.

Dalai Lama

Everyone needs a dose of calm, kindness, and acceptance. He doesn’t tweet often, but his 10 million-ish followers RT his stuff enough that you’ll see it regularly throughout his absences from Twitter.

Ana Marie Cox

Political blogger and founder of Wonkette, AMC shares tidbits on culture and politics ranging from Karl Rove to Jimmy Choo’s IPO*. (*Real tweets, not examples I made up! Really!)

Alexis Madrigal

Alexis shares little bit of everything, with a tech edge. He is the deputy editor of The Atlantic and is a tech contributor for NPR’s Fresh Air.

Brian Heater

Brian pokes and mocks all the things that probably annoy you too. Follow him for witty one-liners without agenda. He doesn’t usually include links to drive you to do something. Usually he’s just tweeting to help make you think and laugh. In that order.

Neil de Grasse Tyson

Neil has amassed a cult-like following for making science more approachable. He’s used pop culture and celebrities to help explain complex theories. From answering audience questions to helping millions understand the cosmos, Neil is a great source of inspiration that should be in your feed.

Formaggio Kitchen

If you love to eat, you should follow Formaggion Kitchen. It’s a staple of the Boston and New York City fine food scene. From their Cambridge, Massachusetts cheese cave to their incredibly friendly staff who runs an outdoor BBQ with high quality premium meat grilled to perfection, Formaggio Kitchen is worth visiting and at least following. Want to know the best cheese to pair with your wine or vice versa? Ask them on Twitter and they’ll get you in the know. Just a warning, they offer overnight shipping. Cheese day ahoy!

Anderson Cooper

You probably know his face, voice, and show on CNN. There’s more to Anderson Cooper than that, though. His Twitter account is a solid addition to any armchair news watcher looking for some boots-on-the-ground insight. He seems to have a solid grasp of how Twitter should really be used by news leaders. He’s not just broadcasting – he’s actually telling a story or two.

Mark Bittman

Rarely is there someone witty and opinionated enough to make you stop and click on a tweet about, say, apples. Mark Bittman writes for the New York Times and wrote the How To Cook Everything cookbook so he knows a thing or two about what works in publishing. A great addition for any food-loving Twitter user.

Fred Wilson

Wish you could find out what VCs actually want in a new company? Fred Wilson shares his insight as a VC with the Twitter masses on a daily basis so it’s a great account to follow if you’re starting up a company or hoping to learn some solid business tips.

Michael Pollan

Author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan shares a deep dish-sized look into the world of food and the food industry. He sprinkles in some fun tweets about other hot topics like marijuana, politics, and other things that’ll actually make you enjoy having him in your feed.

Stephen Fry

The actor / blogger / tech enthusiast / awesome guy has a robust Twitter account followed by millions. Be sure to follow him if you like seeing fun images, hearing about major happenings in British entertainment, and interesting angles of technology coverage.

The Bloggess

The Bloggess is one of those people who is just too entertaining to turn off. She’s like a TV show that you hope never ends. Expect tweets about off-the-wall topics like taxidermy as well as thought-provoking questions that prompt a robust discussion thanks to the equally robust audience. We just wanted to use the word ‘robust’ clearly.

Satya Patel

Satya shares insight on what it’s like to be a VC, involved with Google, Homebrew, and the San Francisco scene. He shares a lot of inspirational and innovative stories about startups and culture. A great way to stay on top of curious topics that have a dash of humor sprinkled on top.

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