How to easily find the top 5 education links every day

dash-circleThere’s so much noise in the world of education. There’s a blog, hashtag chat, Facebook group, and app for just about everything. If you’re a teacher, student, or administrator then you don’t have time to monitor what’s trending every day.

That’s why we built DashEDU. It’s a real-time dashboard that lets you submit, vote, share, and comment on the top 5 education links every day. Only the top 5 links every day make it to the front page (you can click ‘Load More’ to view other links or browse by categories) so you can quickly hop on, see if anything interests you, and get on with your day.

Here’s how it work, in a nutshell:

If you’re an education blogger

Submit links to your blog posts so others can discover your hard work. If others like it and vote it up enough, it’ll make it to the front page. Great for driving traffic and awareness from an audience of educators, students, administrators, and parents.

If you’re a teacher

There are new articles, guides, videos, and stories added all day every day. The best of the best make it to the front page for the day. But if you’re a teacher, you should check out the education technology and the education trends categories.

If you’re a student

It’s easy to quickly learn what’s happening in the world of education – and to do it right from your smartphone – by heading to the education articles section or perhaps you’re looking for a more thought-provoking piece in the opinions section? Got a tip for a new product? Add it to the education products section and see what others think about it!

If you’re an edtech startup / developer

Do you have a great education product? A wonderful startup others should know about? Add it to the education products category so others can check out, vote for, and review it. Even if you’re just a fan of a particular product, add it and see what the opinions are!

How to get started

DashEDU just launched a couple days ago and we’re working on a lot of new features and functionality. We saw a real need for a way to rise above the noise and discover what’s trending in education. So we hope you find it useful and leave your feedback for both it and the links posted every day.

There’s a great weekly digest you’ll get if you are more of a ‘lurker’ than a participant. Just create an account (you can log in with Twitter or Facebook) and you’re all set.

What DashEDU looks like

The top 5 education links make it to the homepage every day. You can scroll down to browse what trended on previous days:

dashedu single post

You can easily comment, subscribe to individual threads, and vote up / down other comments.

dashedu single post

What will you learn? See you on DashEDU!

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