It’s time to review the ‘Teacher’s iPad Checklist’

There are a lot of horror stories about implementing education technology using iPads. The Los Angeles Unified School District situation is still being resolved. They had big goals and lofty ambition but ultimately fell short. Why is that? What could have been done to prevent this from happening in Los Angeles or perhaps in your school?

The answer to that question is complicated. But it’s worth figuring out. Your friendly Daily Genius editors set out to answer the broad ‘what’s the best way to start using iPads in education?’ question by examining our past blog articles, social media discussions, and by conferring with colleagues.

What resulted in this effort is something we’re calling ‘The Teacher’s iPad Checklist‘ which is a simple take on effectively implementing iPads in the classroom. While the checklist is useful, it’s clearly not exhaustive and is simply meant to be a starting point for teachers walking the treacherous path of education technology integration.

So how do you use this checklist? Basically, use the abbreviated descriptions as a jumping-off point with which you can explore. For example, the first step is to ‘master best practices’ which may seem broad but ultimately that means you need to participate (actively!) in professional development, research how other teachers are using iPads, what Apple recommends, the top apps in use, etc.

Each step should take you at least a month to truly accomplish. So while it’s a simple ‘checklist’ there’s a lot more effort and time behind each item. Be sure to explore Daily Genius, Edutopia, Twitter, and chat with friends as well as colleagues to truly get a well-rounded understanding of what it’ll take to launch iPads into the classroom.

The Teacher’s iPad Checklist

  • Master best practices
  • Confer with colleagues
  • Test apps before deploying
  • Share your experiences
  • Try little-known apps
  • Teach digital citizenship
  • Read edtech blogs
  • Try BYOD first
  • Get all accessories
  • Create privacy policy
  • Refine your process
  • Flip, BYOD, or 1:1 your class!

ipad checklist

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