Six common grammar mistakes to avoid

There will be some grammatical mistakes in these words. Those, of course, will be deliberate.

Bad grammar used to be an issue for greengrocers (with their ‘apple’s’) and we’d happily sneer at their misuse of the apostrophe in plurals. The problem now is that, with digital publishing and social media, we’re all parading our own linguistic gaffes for all to see.

Even with the (rather mixed) benefits of autocorrect, we’ll all inadvertently left our modifier dangling for all to see, let out our inner homophone and thought we’d make less mistakes in the future, rather than fewer.

The six basic rules below, from Scribendi, will be of some use to those who play rather too freely with the rules of English, but this isn’t to say we’re in favour of being grammar Nazis and pouncing on every creative use of language, but there are some things up with which we will not put.


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