The biggest scientific discoveries that happened by accident

That’s funny… is actually what Isaac Asimov said is the most noteworthy phrase in all of science. More than ‘Eureka!’ or any other phrase. This is because many of the biggest scientific discoveries happened by accident. In other words, someone likely uttered the phrase ‘that’s funny’ just when a discovery was made.

Pretty neat, eh?

This video walks you through some of those major discoveries that might have never happened were it not for pure dumb luck, happenstance, or basic accidents.

That’s really the nature of discovery and science, though, isn’t it. Constantly exploring and trying to unlock the mysteries of a variety of topics.

This is also the goal of Daily Genius, by the way. We’re a professional learning community that wants to help you in your quest to be the very best professional you can be. Sorry for the little plug there but we’re a pretty new site and any support you can offer is much appreciated!

Want to know some of the other major discoveries that happened by accident? Check out this great post on HowStuffWorks that talks about 9 major finds (e.g. Corn Flakes!) that happened by accident. Very cool.

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