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The game that saves kittens and teaches coding

It’s an increasing problem for parents trying to make sure their children have the skills they will need for a 21st Century economy. What skills will they need? Specifically, how will they learn the key language of the future, coding, and be prepared with the skills for life beyond school?

Erase all Kittens (E.A.K.) helps make it all clearer. The game helps children develop essential skills for the future, such as the ability to build websites and apps, by teaching them professional coding languages in a fun and simple way. The unique, web-based platform game has been designed for children aged eight to 14 and is proven to engage more girls – eliminating anxieties about coding and technology – by using a highly gamified and story-driven approach.

E.A.K. lets children edit the code that controls the game’s environment, which enables them to build and fix real levels as they play – on their own or alongside parents. It provides mums and dads with an opportunity to learn more about the subject of coding, which is now being taught in all schools across the UK.

Dee Saigal, CEO at Drumroll, the company which produces EAK, said: “Our goal with E.A.K. is to support parents in helping develop the skills that children are going to need in the future. Without them even realising it, the game helps to develop children’s creative and intellectual development, which are now essential for success in the workplace! It also helps inspire girls to code, which is a challenge for many parents and teachers, by letting them learn in a fun and simple way.

“We’re essentially bridging the gap between learning the concepts of coding and how to code in the same way that a developer does; children learn languages quickly and easily, so why not teach them the professional languages of technology? So far, we’ve made an hour’s gameplay which through word-of-mouth alone has over 60,000 players around the world, and half of those are girls.”

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