7 Free webinars that will boost your edtech skills

Professional Development doesn’t have to mean sitting in a room with other teachers from your school and listening to whatever the administration has prescribed for you. There are tons of different options, whether you elect to participate in a large scale professional development program, attend a conference, or do something a little more self directed via your own research, tools you already use, and some good old social media tools.

But if heading out to a conference isn’t in the budget or the timeline, but you’re not sure where to start on the self-directed route, you still have options. There are a ton of awesome free webinars out there that you can participate in from the comfort of your own home (or school, coffee shop, etc). Even though December is a crazy busy month for many people, you can still take an hour here or there and delve into some awesome ideas that will help you in your classroom. Head back into school the following day, or figure out over winter break how you want to implement the things you learn, the choice is yours.

There are TONS of other options out there – way too many to list, in fact. But we’ve put together a short list of 7 free webinars coming your way this December that we thought sounded particularly interesting and relevant. Put them on your calendar and check them out!

7 Free EdTech Webinars Coming in December

1 – December 2nd – 3:00pm EST: Creating Student-Centric Learning Environment, Beth Holland interviews the leaders of the iPad Academy in Nebraska. Sign up here.

2 – December 3rd – 1:00pm EST:  Tips for Transforming Your Classroom into a Personalized Learning Environment, with Don Goble, Michelle Spencer, and John Sessler. Sign up here.

3 – December 7th, 4:00pm EST: Using eBooks, Databases, and Digital Tools to Keep Students Engaged During the Holidays, with Michelle Griffith. Sign up here.

4 – December 7th –  6:30pm EST: Blended Learning with OneNote Classroom Creator with Beth Holland, Jen Carey, & Kim Evelti. Sign up here.

5 – December 9th – 4 pm EST: Celebrate Hour of Code Week- Learn to Code through Storytelling with Kate Wilson andMaggie KeelerSign up here.

6 – December 15th – 2pm EST: How to Save Money and Improve Collaboration With Google for Education, with Donna Frymire, Anthony Panella, and Stephen Fang. Sign up here.

7 – December 17th – 5pm EST – Digital Portfolios with Beth Holland and EdWeb. Sign up here.

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