14 ways to use Google Glass in the classroom

The ‘wearables’ craze is starting to officially hit education. Look for people talking about ways to integrate the not-yet-released Apple iWatch, Google Glass, Samsung Galaxy Gear, and other wearables into the classroom.

For now, the most noteworthy device is Google Glass. It holds great potential and could be used for a slew of learning opportunities. From integrating it into field trips to gym class, there are a lot of new ways to augment education.

Google Glass is kind of a privacy nightmare as it could theoretically be recording everything you (and others) see, offer up information about people nearby, and more. There’s a lot of discussion surrounding the device but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least take a minute to think about potential ways to use the expensive ($1,500 apiece at last check) glasses with students, teachers, and others in education.

The slides below represent just over a dozen new ways to use Google Glass. How would you use them to enhance education?

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