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How to use the Google Translate app in the classroom


How to use the Google Translate app in the classroom

You might think that Google Translate would be a way of replacing language lessons, rather than supplementing them. Thankfully, you’d be wrong. And here’s some tips as to why.

Mike Reading, of the Using Technology Better YouTube channel talks first about how to use the app, with a few tips on how to get the best out of it.

Then, perhaps more usefully, he talks about the ways you can use it in the classroom – not to encourage laziness amongst students, but to get them to discuss accuracy – give them some text, let Google translate it and then have a discussion about is accurate or not, where’s the grammar wrong, and so to learn to understand that translation can be more art than science, and that technology can help them interact with information in a different kind of way.

Useful, and worth subscribing to the channel.

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