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Which of the top edtech trends are best for classrooms?


Which of the top edtech trends are best for classrooms?

There are about a dozen top edtech trends that are being implemented in classrooms around the world. There’s the flipped classroom, online learning, MOOCs, and a slew of other initiatives that involve bringing technology into the classroom.

In this post, we’re going to walk through some of the major trends that are being used and contemplated by teachers and education experts. We’ll do this in the form of a few handy visuals that help clarify each trend and the key considerations you should make.

How Teachers Rank The Top EdTech Trends

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Choosing Between BYOD And 1:1

Two of the top edtech trends are Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and 1:1 where students are each supplied with technological hardware. So which of these is right for your (or your child’s) classroom?

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There are a lot of pros and cons for each side but here are some of the key considerations you should be making if you’re deciding between the two:

  1. Cost
    While both 1:1 and BYOD require wireless network infrastructure upgrades, BYOD’s users are providing the device
  2. Equality
    1:1 bring uniform integration of technology to every class which eliminates digitally inequality. With 1:1 schools won’t have to worry about who doesn’t and who does have the right device.
  3. Apps
    Applications may not be universal across all platforms causing possible issues for BYDO users. With 1:1, since everyone has the same device and on the same platform, schools know whatever apps they use will work on all of the students devices.
  4. Maintenance
    With 1:1 there are long term maintenance costs for the school including upgrades and replacing old devices for new ones. With BYOD the maintenance is the responsibility of the user.

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Visual from Secured Edge Networks

What About College Classrooms?

Choosing between the top education technology trends is a bit tougher in the world of higher education. Colleges and universities have to deal with students who already use high-end technology all day and need to write lengthy in-depth reports using it on a regular basis. It’s a different kind of decision so we thought it’d be useful to add in this final graphic:

college edtech trends

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