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5 effective tips for new (and experienced) teachers

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5 effective tips for new (and experienced) teachers

The school year is getting underway in the United States, Europe, and many other parts of the world. That means it’s the first day of school for students, administrators and many new teachers. These are stressful weeks and there is a lot of minutiae to worry about before the first bell rings. What should a new teacher wear on his or her first day? How do I handle my first difficult student? What if parents complain about me? How much lesson planning should I do?

Lots of questions.

Lots of stress.

In an effort to help lower the stress level of new (and experienced) teachers, this post features a fun new visual made by the Daily Genius team based on a highly useful Reddit as well as other online research. If you have some advice, you should share it with the Daily Genius community by leaving a comment or by mentioning @DailyGenius on Twitter – we’ll retweet it and share your wisdom!

1. Go With The Flow

You are likely coming into the classroom with big ideas and big goals. Keep those in mind but remember you’re part of larger ecosystem. Establish your footing and build your expertise as you go.

2. Don’t Encourage Students To Slack Off. Seriously.

Don’t shoot yourself in the proverbial foot. You can quickly do this by saying something like “I’m here to teach and if you slack off that’s your problem.”

3. Google Yourself. Your Students Will Do It On The First Day Of School.

Audit your digital self.  Do you want your Twitter account public? What about your account or perhaps your Instagram account? Got a personal blog? Re-read every single word.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Use The Phrase “Let’s Talk About This After Class”

If you’re facing an unruly student or class, don’t be afraid to use the powerful phrase “let’s talk about this after class” and move on.

5. Don’t Send Problems Out Of The Classroom.

If you spend most of your classroom time handing out detention slips or sending students to the principal’s office, the administration will view you as a weak leader in the classroom. Sad to say, but it’s true.

New Teacher Tips

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