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The Google+ cheat sheet Google should have produced years ago


The Google+ cheat sheet Google should have produced years ago

Figuring out how to use a new app, software, device, or social network is never easy. That’s probably why there are so few truly popular and robust social networks, for example, in use today. Seriously, there are billions of people on this planet and apparently less than a dozen social networks suffice? Seems odd, no?

One of those social networks that has sorta grown up into a site worth using is Google+. Personally, I’ve found higher quality content on Google+ than on just about any other social network. It’s similar to the kind of content I typically come across on LinkedIn, I’d say.

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That’s a good thing.

LinkedIn has people sharing some outstanding information and communications. Google+ may be a bit controversial, viewed as an also-ran, and there are even rumors of it shutting down. Whatever happens, a lot of people are using it and your posts show up on Google search results. So, can’t hurt to use it if you are a marketer, blogger, or really anyone who wants to simply have other people see what they’re working on.

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In any case, Google+ is simple to use, has some great content being shared, and – with this handy cheat sheet from Eric Welke – it won’t be a total time-suck in terms of figuring out how to use it!

google plus cheat sheet

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