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How to take a screenshot in Mac OS X


How to take a screenshot in Mac OS X

It’s one of those things you know you ought to remember, but you can’t quite get the order right in your head. But taking a screenshot on your Apple computer is very simple, in OS X.

With keyboard shortcuts you can take a picture of your entire screen, or just drag a box round and take a picture of a smaller area, it’s your choice.

So are you ready?

To capture a full screen and save to the clipboard:

To select a smaller area on your screen, it’s

This will give you a ‘crosshair’ which you can use to select the art of your screen you want to record.

Either way, select the picture you need and the screenshot will be taken automatically, and saved to your desktop as a PNG file. Select the one you want to keep, and simply trash the rest.

And you’re done. Simple.

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