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The 1-hour crash course on integrating project-based learning


The 1-hour crash course on integrating project-based learning

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PBL Steps via ‘We Are Creating Curiosity’

The era of ‘sage on the stage’ is dwindling in education. Teachers are no longer required to stand up and start talking in front of a group of students until the bell rings. That still happens, of course, but it’s no longer viewed as the most effective method of truly connecting with students.

One of the biggest learning trends you should know about is project-based learning. Basically, students are given a task and allowed to work in groups to deliver solutions to a problem. This is an applicable methodology in science, technology, math, arts, etc. You name it, project-based learning could likely be used.

But how do you get started with a new way to teach? That’s a major question that often stops teachers right in their tracks. It’s hard to switch up what’s been working in the past. It’s impossible to figure out how to integrate a new classroom structure in the small amount of time available to educators around the world.

In an effort to help solve this issue, our friends at EdTechTeacher have created what’s essentially a crash course in project-based learning. The video is about an hour long and is by Suzy Brooks, a third-grade teacher in Massachusetts.

Note: the video is a Google+ Hangout recording so there are some pauses and delays for conversation, ensuring slides are displaying properly, etc. If you have a little patience, you’ll learn a lot about this innovative learning trend. Enjoy!

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