Hunched over your computer? Three stretches for a better posture

There’s a physical issue at the heart of the digital revolution – physically, we aren’t equipped to be spending all day at a desk, or hunched over a laptop, or with our necks bent over a mobile phone, developing ‘text neck’. 

Unless we’re going to create a generation of hunchbacks, shuffling and creaking between desks, and damaging our bodies by, basically, doing nothing, then we have to find ways to alleviate the problem. It can start with adaptations to your workstation, but there’s more you can do. Essentially, by taking exercise, but by doing so at the workplace.

And here’s some things you can try, introduced by Erica Fritz, who is a physical therapist and the manager of the Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center at Hospital for Special Surgery. She says office workers should, indeed must, stand more and do these stretches in order to alleviate the pain from sitting all day. Here’s some of her ways to tackle the problem.

It won’t solve everything, but its a good start.


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