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The beginner’s guide to blended learning


The beginner’s guide to blended learning

Getting started with one of the most popular learning trends is always something worth considering. When it comes to blended learning, that’s just something every teacher, student, and school leader should consider.

If you’re looking to dive into this innovative new method of engaging students, this graphic guide is perfect for you. This graphic we found via Pinterest is one of the best and most straightforward guides around. It’s perfect for anyone looking to get a bit more informed and offered a basic level of understanding on blended learning.

Random bit of information: by the end of the decade (2019), about half of all high school courses will be delivered online. While this tidbit from Clayton Christensen is argued by many, it raises an interesting discussion topic …

What Will The Future Of Education Look Like?

If you look at the current trajectory of today’s education system around the world, it’s easy to see a few emerging trends. There’s a focus on increasing the number of devices in the classroom, helping teachers deal with an ever-increasing workload, and connecting the rest of the ‘loop’ via technology.

In other words, helping parents, school leaders, students, and teachers all share in the workload of creating a positive learning experience. This is done through fantastic apps like ClassDojo, Remind, Socrative, and other popular education apps that are already seeing widespread adoption across classrooms around the globe.

So What’s Blended Learning, Then?

One of the sort of catch-all terms for all this influx of education technology has been ‘blended learning’ which is essentially helping improve the learning outcomes of students through the use of technology integration. That may sound like a boring and generic definition but it’s apt. Blended learning’s goals include helping students, increase teachers’ awareness, and giving parents a bit more information using the power of technology.

Blended learning is a lot more than just throwing an iPad or a Chromebook into a classroom and running away. It’s a long-term detail-oriented set of projects, goals, and outcomes that both student and teacher must try together. It’s a long and winding road, to be sure. Hopefully this simplified visual helps you better understand how to get started!

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