Is education ready for gamification?

We’ve talked in the past on here about how gamification, in education may well be a key driver in the future, but there’s a very strong sense that it’s not fully formed yet.

So when will schools be ready for gamification? Do we understand what educationalists are trying to active when encouraging students to play to learn? There’s many people who will tell you that gamification is the future, not least because children like to play (obviously) and that energy can be used to create an system of teaching which gives instant rewards and feedback – usually doing so digitally.

So while the analysts ponder this all turning into a multi-billion dollar industry, as students become used to earning their progression through gamified teaching, and the instant gratifications that have become normal in the marketing and fitness industries, for example.

As a summary of the state, and the potential, of the process, this is pretty useful, from and MIT Education Arcade. Let us know, in the comments below, if you’re using aspects of ramification in your teaching – and whether you feel it’s working.

Written by Jimmy Leach

Jimmy Leach is a digital consultant, working with clients in the UK, USA and UAE. And places which spell out their names properly too.

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