This compilation video of rocket launches takes care of your first science lesson

It’s your first week back in school and you’ve not spent the holiday doing lesson plans – so this video might just save you.
After all, 2015 was a fantastic year for space exploration – from SpaceX to China’s accelerations in the space race, along with Pluto providing enough wonder for a lifetime, along with the first orbital rocket to be launched and land again, and NASA’s Scott Kelly managing his groundbreaking year in space.
What do such achievements have in common? Rockets. Loads of them. Eighty seven were launched (not quite the record, which is 93 in 2004), from nine countries – with Russia leading the way (29), with Iran managing just the one.
And this compilation has them all, nearly (not including four Chinese launches seemingly not filmed). As a compilation of human endeavour, of the urge to explore and push the boundaries of science this takes some beating. If your class watch this and aren’t intrigued or excited by the idea of space, science and engineering, then something has gone very wrong.

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