The printable guide that will keep you safe on social media

If you follow the tips laid out in the below guide, you’ll stay safe on social media. Simple as that. The guide is straightforward, makes sense, and contains some very basic tips for teachers, students, parents, friends, and just about everyone else.

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The tips are brief and likely difficult to follow for most of us. For example, the part about NOT engaging with a cyber-bully is tough. How do you not respond to someone who is assaulting you online? It’s tough, to say the least. That being said, perhaps this visual guide will be a good thing to do the following:

  • Print out this guide
  • Circle the most important tips that apply to you
  • Share this guide with your friends, classmates, and students
  • Make everyone think twice when they are on social media and online in general

There are a lot of ways you can learn from this guide. Lucky for you, the creators of it have come up with a few key takeaways for you. For example, the goal of this visual, according to Fuzion is to share with our kids how to:

  • Set up their personal accounts properly
  • Maintain their privacy settings
  • Connect with “friends” safely
  • Think about what they post
  • Post appropriately
  • Spot and deal with inappropriate behaviour
  • “Unfriend” and Block certain users
  • Report Bullying

Of note: the title of this guide is ‘safebook’ and obviously focuses on Facebook. However, it’s filled with tips that are useful across all of social media, not just good ol’ Facebook.

Click here for the printable PDF version

Want it in different languages? Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

staying safe online

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