Are you an average social media user? Here's how everyone else does it.

You think you know social media – you know what you post, you know what your friends post – but how normal are you? And what do people do on the platforms that you don’t use?
To a certain extent, the infographic from Go-Gulf tells you a lot of what you know already – that people share pictures, opinions, updates and links on their social media presences. Where it becomes (more) interesting is in the details – for example, the motivations of people to share – to persuade others, to show what’s important to the sharer and to make connections. The nature of the content shared is interesting too – over 12% of US users are happy to share pornographic content …
The emotions being shared are striking too – people want to demonstrate ‘awe’ far more often than ‘sadness’, or even ‘surprise’, while the events they share – weddings/relationships and travel are perhaps more predictable.
Dive in, there’s a range of modern digital habits laid bare. You could even share it…

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