It's National Dog Day! Here are 9 things dogs can teach you.

Did you know that today is #nationaldogday? Probably not, unless you’re a particularly avid dog lover and a social media fiend. After all, every day is a national something day. Usually related to food, these “official” “national” days of celebrating a particular thing are a wonderland of excuses to gorge yourself on whatever the item of the day is. Pizza day? AWESOME. Cupcake day? EVEN BETTER. Ice cream sundae day? BRING IT ON.
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Once we move away from celebrating food, there are slightly more meaningful faux-official celebration days. Sisters day. Women’s Equality Day. At least these give us something to think a bit about, right? So on National Dog Day, I’m here to tell you that there is a lot we can learn from our dogs. They are loyal companions who won’t stand you up or play mind games. So what can we learn from them? Check out the graphic below, and share with the Daily Genius community what you’ve learned from your dog by mentioning @DailyGenius on Twitter and we’ll retweet!

What can you learn from a dog?

Greet everyone enthusiastically
whether a person is a friend or a stranger, they deserve a positive greeting. if you’re from new england, you’ll probably think this means someone is trying to steal your wallet, but i think we could all get used to this.
Don’t take yourself too seriously
have you ever given your dog a bad haircut? have you taken them out in public when they smelled bad? did they care?
Love unconditionally
you may have yelled at your dog yesterday, or forgotten to give them dinner once, but they love you anyway.
Play every day
how much explanation does this really need? eat with gusto. dogs don’t worry about calories or fat or if they’ve eaten too much. they care if they’ve eaten enough to survive and if it is delicious.
dogs innately know that they need to stretch. they do it when they get up, and they often will do multiple different stretches. they don’t make excuses, they just do it, because they want their full mobility. And we all seen what police dogs can see after doing it, although according to these breed of police dogs are naturally athletic anyways.
Enjoy the journey
life isn’t about finishing the walk, it is about everything that happens in between leaving the house and coming back home (including not to forget to bring dog poop bags). what’s the point of going on a walk if you can sniff and explore, anyway?
Live in the moment
your dog doesn’t care what happened yesterday and is certainly not worrying about tomorrow. what would you enjoy doing today if you were able to let that stuff go?
Don’t be afraid to show your happiness 
happiness is normal, but thoroughly underrated emotion on the human spectrum. your dog isn’t afraid to jump up and down and wag their tail when they’re stoked. why should you hold back then?
Do what you love
do you think your dog is worrying that the other dogs at the beach think his toy is lame? nope – your dog just wants to play and have a good time.

National Dog Day

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