The incredible story of SpaceX rockets in under 5 minutes

The story of SpaceX is filled with huge risks and even bigger rewards. The space exploration company is destined to potentially become one of the most innovative companies ever. In fact, they’re already rocketing up to the top of that list as you read this. Yes, I included the term ‘rocketing’ intentionally. See what I did there?
So how did SpaceX get to where it is today? It has taken more than 5,000 hard-working people, big ideas, and plenty of money. But the important part here is not to focus on the financials, risk, reward, etc.
The important thing to focus on right now is inspiring the next generation of space exploration. That will take an emphasis on the importance of STEM and STEAM in schools around the world, a strong ecosystem of aerospace organizations, and a little healthy (but friendly) competition. Whether you want to build a spaceship, a rocket, an asteroid-mining vessel, or a space tourism company, there are a lot of ways to start building the future right now.

spacex crs-8 launch rocket

Taken by Jeff Dunn at NASA KSC – SpaceX CRS-8 launch

To help inspire you, I wanted to share a great new video that was just released a few hours ago. It details the story of SpaceX by focusing on the rockets. It doesn’t touch on Elon Musk, funding, government contracts, risk, reward, or anything like that. It’s a purely scientific look at the past, present, and future of SpaceX rockets.
Use this video to inspire students, friends, and colleagues to start learning about future technologies today. From astronautics to rocket propulsion to telemetry, it’s time to start mastering the basics of the next big economy: space exploration.

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