What exactly is the Internet of Things?

Warning – this gets pretty geeky, pretty quickly.
The phrase ‘the internet of things’ has seeped into public consciousness. People use the phrase confidently, quietly hoping that no-one will ask them for a definition.
Thankfully, this, from  Harbor Research goes into some depth on the complexity of what seems to be about to envelop us. It’s not just about people communicating with machines and vice versa, it’s about a vast range of digital networks prompting, reacting to and anticipating the needs of each part of that wider machine and, more importantly, ourselves.
Anyone who tells you they understand what the internet of things is going to do is lying and probably thinking about a fridge that texts you when your milk goes off. The true scale of the way that networked communications can change our lives in mapped out in great, and sometime confusing, complexity below. And there will be some predictions which will be way wide of the mark, but, if you can stick with it, you’ll give a better answer to that daunting question than anyone else.

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