How to build a website from scratch

If you. or your organisation, wants a website, there’s usually a good bit of head-scratching involved. Whether you’re building it yourself, or have a bunch of in-house developers, or are hiring an agency, there’s always a series of blank looks at the start of the project.
Why do you want a website in the first place? Who will use it? What device will they look at it on? What will those people be trying to do (read? buy? watch?) and what sort of impression do you want to give of yourself or your company?
All those questions, and plenty more, would be asked of you by a good agency or developer, but, if you’re not prepared, you’ll be reduced to pointing at a vastly different website and saying ‘I want one like that’, without knowing why, or even if it’s at all relevant.
So, when you’re looking to develop a new web presence, educate yourself in the sort of things you’ll need to think about. This, from DesignModo, will ask some of those questions – some will be relevant, some less so and there’ll be other things that you, in your unique situation, will need to ponder, but it’s a good start. For one thing, it’ll make you a better ‘client’, you’ll better know what you want, and a good client will lead to a better website.

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