A crowdsourced list of the best Learning Management Systems (LMS)

If you’re looking to boost your skills or enhance your understanding of a tough topic, you’re probably going to be searching for the best online courses so you can save time and a bit of money. After all, taking a $50 Udemy course is cheaper than hiring a tutor or enrolling in your local community college, right? There’s a lot of appeal, to be sure.
But what happens when you want to offer up your skills in the form of an online course? You are probably hunting around for some of the best Learning Management Systems (LMS) so you can help share your understanding. There are a ton of options out there (as you can see below) so we’ve gone through and compiled a list that we hope to crowdsource using your knowledge. All you have to do is vote up (or down) your chosen LMS. Don’t see one on there that you you think belongs?
We’ve worked hard at trying to figure out which LMS is worth trying and which is not. Each of the options below have been reviewed for their usefulness, ease of use, and flexibility. For example, we tried to include as many SCORM-compliant options as possible since that’s a popular way to bring in high-quality content no matter which platform you choose.
This list won’t ever be finished. It’s a work in progress that we’re trying to make as useful as possible. If you have a particular feeling about LMSes in general, be sure to leave us a comment or share your thoughts with us via Twitter sometime. We love to tweet and chat about this kind of stuff!

The Best Learning Management Systems: How This List Works

  1. First, review the LMS options that you don’t currently know about. Check those out! Take them for a spin. See if they have features you’ve been looking for.
  2. Now, vote up and down the best and worst, respectively. Make sure your favorite option gets some love.
  3. Don’t see a particular option that you think belongs here? Add it at the bottom of the list and vote it up!
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