Are you sitting comfortably? Then you may be killing yourself

Inactivity? It could be the death of you.
All that sitting round watching TV could be killing you. Around 1 in 10 deaths are put down to health conditions exacerbated by inactivity. Which is as much as is caused by smoking. If you lead the life of a couch potato, then you could be 35% more likely to have high blood pressure, up to 30% more prone to heart disease.
Spend 11 hours sitting down (and that includes sitting at your desk), and you’re 40% more likely to be dead in the next three years, compared to someone who is just on their backside for 4 hours a day.
Scared yet? Take a look at these facts from TribeSports. If these facts and figures don’t make you think again, then maybe┬ánothing will get you off that couch. Don’t bother with the green bananas, then…

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