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Did you start teaching because of these 9 reasons?


Did you start teaching because of these 9 reasons?

Teacher around the world all started somewhere. They may have gotten their first bite of the ‘teaching bug’ when they were young and wanted to truly impact the lives of others. They may be teaching as part of a second career.

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How you started teaching is one thing.

Why you start teaching is a whole other story. That’s made all too clear by this fantastic pie chart from the wonderful folks over at UKEdChat. They put together a fantastic study that dives into why people teach. It all boiled down into 9 reasons:

  • 29% say they teach because they felt they could make a difference
  • 26% love working with students and children
  • 25% say it’s a vocation they wanted to follow
  • 5% say they teach because of the holiday and vacation breaks
  • 5% say the pay and career opportunities
  • 4% didn’t know what to else to do
  • 3% say they teach for other reasons
  • 3% say they are parent-teachers
  • 0% of teachers say they teach because of ‘the hours’

While these 9 reasons may be popular, they’re not exhaustive. What are the reasons you got into teaching? Likely not because of the hours, they pay, or the vacation time.

On a related note, do you think this report is not painting a whole picture? There were 168 total responses from a plethora of countries but that seems like quite a small sample. What do you think the ‘real’ percentages of these reasons might be?

What other reasons would you add? I’d love to hear your thoughts and perhaps whip up a newer version of this 2013 study.

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