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Do you have digital eyestrain? And what to do if you have

Can you read this properly? Without headaches, difficulty in focussing and the feeling that somewhere along the line, your eyesight is slowly fading?

The ubiquity of screens, and the increasing reliance on small screens isn’t without its impact on your health and you can take precautions for the obvious physical outcomes but eight hours staring at a laptop, or even a mobile phone will strain your eyes.

This explainer on computer vision syndrome is useful, therefore, with tips and what causes it and what precautions you can take against it – always drink lots of water, eat healthy, remember to blink, and don’t look at the computer for too long of a period of time.

And get up, leave the desk and give your eyes the benefit of some proper daylight.


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How wearable tech is transforming health and fitness

The fact that there’s a Smart Bra specifically to measure breast perspiration makes me think that the tech industry is still over-dominated by men, but that aside wearable tech is starting to have a significant impact on health and fitness.

The fact that the big companies are moving in shows that they expect it to be a boom market. Nike, Google, Samsung and Apple are all already in there, with even Facebook entering the market. All that investment already means you can cover yourself head to toe in gadgetry which means that someone is making money. But it also means that the generation of data and the constant nudging of behaviour has the potential to transform health and the relationship between users and doctors.

As a statement of where the wearable health tech market is, this, from Fjord, is useful. Not surprisingly, the majority (70%) are about monitoring, and nearly 60% are specifically monitoring health (rather than fitness). Only 7% look to what might be termed mental health – for sleep and for state of mind. Do you clean your workout gear properly, if not then take a look at sports laundry detergent.

From your headband to your smart socks, wearable tech is starting to impact your life and becoming normal.

If you call measuring breast sweat ‘normal’.



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How to burn calories through walking

If there’s an under-rated exercise, it’s walking.

Any physical activity can give a wide range of health benefits, and sport is the obvious choice. But for those for whom vigorous activity proves to be little more than a method of collecting sports-related injuries, then walking – asa agentler pastime – is perfect.

Effective and easily integrated into everyday life, it can be the mini-workout which burns extra calories and helps you lose weigh, tone up and get that little bit fitter.

Just to get the optimum benefit, take these tips from Lucas James.

Posture: Shoulders back. Eyes forward. Like a soldier on guard.

Heart rate: The higher the heart rate the more calories you burn. Pretend you’re late for the bus.

Weight: Wear a weighted vest or a backpack. Don’t do hand & ankle weights.

Swing: Bend your elbows elbows at a 90 degree angle and swing.

Glute squeeze: Squeeze your buttocks together as you push off with your back foot to shape and firm your bottom.

Hills: Don’t avoid the hills – they burn the calories, and tone your hamstrings and backside too

Do all that. Then you can step it up…

Do it 1-minute intervals walking backwards.

Increase your speed (walk faster, jog or sprint). Walk hills or climb stairs for several minutes to boost your calorie burn.

Then do it sideways. If no-one’s looking.


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