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Why your business meetings are a waste of time


Why your business meetings are a waste of time

The meetings you have at work are about as productive a use of your time as a Snapchat post.

The more embedded you are in a management role, the more likely you are to have your life dominated by meetings. If you’re in middle management, you’ll find over a third of your life disappears in sitting round tables waiting for someone to say something useful or make a decision. Almost very one will be multi-tasking in some way (probably checking their phone in the hope of something more interesting), while anyone who is remotely ‘participating’, will be checking Buzzfeed or somesuch, while making interested noises.

Almost all of that could be avoided by shorter meetings, better agenda and better focus from the participants, although the creators of this infographic would suggest video conferencing too. Well, they would.



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Jimmy Leach is a digital consultant, working with governments, organisations and people. He tweets at @JimmyTLeach


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