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50 web tools and mobile apps for showcasing student work


50 web tools and mobile apps for showcasing student work

Students create a wide variety of material on a regular basis. There are a lot of ways that they can showcase their work and what better opportunity is there than web tools and mobile apps?

As you can see below, today’s popular digital tools come in many flavors. There are web apps that aren’t super mobile-friendly and there are mobile apps that may not even exist on the web.

The key is to identify which tool is right for you.

In the below graphic by Tony Vincent, you can see 50 of the top apps and web tools that can be used to showcase student work. A few examples of work that can be displayed are:

  • audio recordings
  • collages
  • comics
  • posters
  • slides
  • digital books
  • narrated slideshows
  • movies
  • animations
  • screen casts
  • study aids

These 50 apps are just the tip of the iceberg, though. As you scroll down to the bottom you’ll see there are a few other fantastic resources that educators can use to discover powerful apps and web tools for displaying student work both in the classroom and online.

One thing about this graphic that I like is that at the bottom right it talks about how each platform has its shortcomings. Web apps usually require an account which can be difficult for a lot of students and classrooms in general. Meanwhile, mobile apps can be expensive or difficult to support multiple users.

But if you’re looking to find an innovative way to showcase student work, then use this visual guide as a jumping-off point to discover new and exciting opportunities. Good luck!

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