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5 time-saving Google Chrome extensions worth trying


5 time-saving Google Chrome extensions worth trying

Chrome isn’t my one and only browser, but it is definitely my favorite. I know a lot of you probably think that a browser is just a browser, but I prefer Chrome for a couple of reasons. Way back when, I liked that you could just type any search query into the browser bar (not limited to the search bar on the right in options like Firefox), though most (all?) of the other browsers do that now too. The big winner for me comes with the fabulous extensions available for Chrome. There’s a pretty wide range in terms of what they do and how they do it, so I’ll share a few of my favorites that I’ve been relying on lately.

Do you use Chrome? Do you have any favorite extensions that you think I’m missing out on, and should share with the Daily Genius community? Leave us a comment below, mention @DailyGenius on Twitter or head over to the Daily Genius Facebook page and tell us about your favorite Chrome extensions!

Pinterest Tab

Confession: I’m an over-tabber. If you look at my computer, I always have tons of tabs open. I use tabs for things I want to write about, things I need to remember to do, and for your basic multitasking. I always have one open for my email, one for my calendar, one for blogging, and the rest depend on the day and what I’m working on. So the new(ish) Chrome extension from Pinterest is right up my alley. It’s called Pinterest Tab, and once installed, it shows a nice photo (from Pinterest, obviously) along with some cues from your calendar (if any), the sunrise, sunset, time, and weather. Not bad for a free extension! You can choose from different categories of photos (like food, nature, architecture, animals, etc) to customize it a bit.

chrome extensions

How did Pinterest Tab know what car I wanted?


Google Quick Scroll

You can think of Google Quick Scroll as a little gnome that reads faster than you and highlights information most relevant to your search on the page you’re browsing. After you install it, it will show a little icon on the browser address bar when there is information on that page it can act on. When you search in Google and click on a search result, Google Quick Scroll may show you some relevant bits of text in the lower right hand corner of your screen. You can use that to easily discern whether or not that search result is indeed what you’re looking for. If not, you won’t have to have clicked on the link, scoured the page to find what you’re looking for, and then clicked back to your search once you determined it wasn’t. This ends up being especially useful if you’re looking for information that isn’t likely to be found easily in a search.

chrome extensions

I snagged this photo from the Chrome Web Store since it clearly illustrates what the extension can do through the use of handy red circles.


Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is a non-intrusive Chrome extension that blocks all of the annoying popup garbage that can irritate you while you’re browsing around the web. As a bonus, it blocks things running in the background that data mine and track your user data and cause your browser to run slower. Once installed, it runs on all pages by default, but you do have the option of allowing certain things on certain pages if you want to go tinker around with the settings. It blocks out all sorts of things, as seen below. It is free, but they ask you to spread the word via social media if you like it.

chrome extensions

Look at all that annoying garbage I don’t need to see! Or be annoyed by!


Clickable Links

Don’t you hate it when you’re reading something that offers a web address that you’d like to click on and go to, but they haven’t actually linked the web address to where you want to go? Rather than yell at the ‘idiot’ who was too lazy to actually link to what you want to click on, the handy Clickable Link extension turns all of these annoyances into actual links. You’ll never know it is working once you install it, but you will notice there seem to be less idiots offering web addresses sans links. Since it is basically an invisible tool, you can test it out by clicking on this link that I’ve actually linked. 

This is the end of all non-clickable links.

This is the end of all non-clickable links.

Color Pick Eyedropper

For anyone who regularly toys with graphic design or photo tools, the Color Pick Eyedropper extension is a must. Click on it, and you’ll ‘grab’ the hex value for any color on any page you’re looking at. I use it when I need to match or blend a background in a photo or graphic to whatever I’m making. Simply click on the little color wheel on the right of your browser, mouse over the area that contains the color you want, and it shows you the hex code. Copy and paste into your software of choice. Done. Super simple to use and free.

chrome extensions

Just grabbing some #468040 green from Debbie Downer’s background


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