It's the world's first EdTech Box.

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What Is It?

If you're starting to use technology in the classroom, the Monthly Genius Box is for you. It's a monthly digital 'box' packed with innovative tools that will put you ahead of the curve. From time-saving apps to heavily discounted tickets to conferences, there's a lot to learn from.

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Why Try It?

The Monthly Genius Box is in part the brainchild of the co-founders of Edudemic, the world's largest education technology site. They've been discovering, researching, and testing education technology products for years and want to make it a bit easier to share the 'best of the best' with you.

What Should Teachers Expect?

Plan on getting free access or deep discounts to premium products, services, and events. For example, a single box might include $20 worth of free downloads to paid apps, 6 months free access to something like Evernote Premium, a free ticket to a nearby event, and of course our premium how-to guides and videos. These guides and videos are custom made for subscribers only.

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When Will Shipping Start?

We will begin shipping out the digital boxes in late Autumn 2014. Get excited!

How Much Is It?

Every box will have more than $50 worth of stuff in it. You pay $9.99 for it and are suddenly the coolest teacher in your school. Not too shabby.

How Do I Sign Up?

Submit your email address using the box below, hit enter or click the orange arrow, and you'll be added to the list. We'll notify you as soon as pre-orders begin.

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Everyone who signs up using the above form will get a discount code in addition to being the first to know when pre-orders are available.