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The secret to making vegetables fun to eat


The secret to making vegetables fun to eat

Looking for a simpler way to get students, kids, or even yourself to get excited about eating vegetables? All it takes is a little organization and design. Thanks to the folks at @SchoolMealsRock, you can come up with some fabulous new ways for making vegetables fun to eat for people who, well, hate vegetables.

Check out the example below. It uses a bit of lettuce, two black olives, some dipping sauce (any kind works, really) and some peppers, cauliflower, cucumbers, celery, mushrooms, and tomatoes. It’s like an entire salad!

The best part (in my opinion) is the rib cage-esque red bell peppers. I love the idea of making these into a real obvious body part. So fun. I might feel a bit off just diving into eating this cute little guy but will likely get past it once I remind myself it’s just a bunch of vegetables. And then I may go back to not wanting to eat vegetables. Wait a minute. This could be trouble…

So, what’s the secret to making veggies fun to eat? Creativity!


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