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Learn to Code with Star Wars


Learn to Code with Star Wars

By now, you’re sure to have seen the myriad of resources available on the internet to those who want to learn to code. We list 17 different resources here, and there are many more. If you’re not sure why you should learn to code, or if you think coding just ‘isn’t your thing’, the tl:dr of the story is that you need to learn how to code, or the job market is going to leave you behind.

The awesome folks behind – who offer free, learn-to-code resources and push diversity among coders – are at it again. This week, they launched their annual Hour of Code program and have teamed up with the folks at Disney to bring the familiar faces of Star Wars to a fun coding environment. They’re offering courses designed for students aged 6+ either with drag and drop blocks, or JavaScript. You’re guided through a series of puzzles in which you piece together blocks of code to achieve goals in a game.


You’ll have as many opportunities as you’ll need to achieve the goals of your game. In the case of the first lesson, you’ll have a droid collect pieces of metal while avoiding adversaries. Each advancing puzzle will have you combine more lines of code.



As a bonus, you’ll even hear some typically Star Wars sound effects (like R2-D2!) and snippets of the John Williams Soundtrack. When you’ve completed all the puzzles, you’ve completed your hour of code! Hopefully something you’ve learned will stick with you – or better yet, you’ll be enticed to take another lesson. offers tons of different resources especially for teachers and classrooms. Check them out here, and don’t forget to hang out with the Star Wars gang this month to learn some code!

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