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How to start thinking with a positive mindset


How to start thinking with a positive mindset

This powerful visual is both colorful and enlightening. It will likely make you a bit happier and approach your day with a new zest. That’s right. Zest. It’s more than just some soap here in the U.S. Anyway, I digress.

This visual found on Flipboard takes the approach of figuring out what you might be currently saying to yourself that’s a bit negative and instead of trying to focus on the negative … focus on a positive way to approach questioning yourself!

For example, instead of saying ‘I’m not good at this’ you simply say ‘what am I missing?’ which – it might not immediately seem this way – is a slightly more affirmative way to ask yourself a question. It’s a great twist on how to start thinking with a positive mindset.

This is a great visual for students AND teachers of any age, to be honest. It’s always better to approach a problem, concern, or even just a simple classroom question by having a positive mindset that keeps you on the right track rather than derailing you before you even get to ask your question out loud. Seriously, if you’re being overly negative and hard on yourself, you may never even get the chance to choose to stay positive!

There’s another key thing to note: manage yourself. Don’t overdo it and puff yourself up too much. If you say things like ‘I’m awesome at this’ why not try and temper your self by instead saying ‘I’m on the right track’ which is a bit more realistic.

However you choose to think about yourself and your mindset, hopefully this will help you out. Have a wonderful day!

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