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Got serious social media skills? Here’s how to turn them into a job.


Got serious social media skills? Here’s how to turn them into a job.

The job market is a rough place for anyone. Whether you’re newly unemployed, a recent graduate, or just someone looking to make a change … finding a job takes time, effort, and a lot of perseverance. And hats, apparently.

Lucky for you, there’s a whole new market developing for careers: social media.

You’re probably wondering what type of ‘social media job’ there is out there for you. Well, think about every major brand out there. Each has a team (or at least someone) managing their social media and online reputation.

So if you’re a prodigious Twitter user, Facebook know-it-all, or just a Pinterest lover, there’s probably a job for you. No matter your social media skills, there’s also a relatively straightforward way to turn all this into a real job.

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This graphic from MindFlash purports to take just FIVE MINUTES but it offers some solid tips on how to get a job in social media. It’s succinct, easy to read, and worth viewing if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to actually get that coveted social media-centric job you want.

Best of luck!

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