How to tell if you’re effectively using Twitter


Jeff Dunn is an education and technology lover who has worked in far too many industries to count. Okay, like maybe 5 or 6. Jeff can indeed count that high but it's not recommended. Jeff also likes to write bios in the third-person.

Do you know if you’re properly using Twitter? Do you have a set of curated Twitter lists, a simple but accurate bio, and a nice-looking picture? These are just a few of the key points in this checklist that you should peruse as you continue to use the social networking platform.

This list below is great for just about anyone who is looking to effectively use Twitter as a business, as a teacher, a student, or anyone else interested in enhancing their life through social media.

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After all, you can’t squeeze the most out of a useful product without making at least a little bit of effort, right? So go through this handy list and see if you’ve done everything. If not, see if you could tick all those green ‘YES’ boxes by the end of the year and then check if it helps you achieve your goals … whether they’re to grow your number of followers, meet new people, or to market your business.

Whatever your goals, this checklist should help you ascertain if you’re on the right track!

Want a printable PDF? Click here to download it.

twitter checklist

Checklist from andreavahl.com

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