Tony Deprato

Educational Technology Specialist in Dubai.

  • Why grading should be transparent – and how to achieve it

    Students, parents administrators, and, of course, teachers need to know how grades are collected and calculated. It sounds simple enough, but you would be shocked how many of these stake holders have no idea how grades are calculated. This ignorance can cause big problems when parents or students question their grade and the person or […]

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  • How to hire an IT consultant for your school

    It is difficult for school administrators to know what they are getting when they recruit someone to lead their IT programs and/or manage their IT infrastructure. After all if the person comes with a good reference then they probably can do the job. However this may mean out sourcing every school project to a third-party. […]

  • Curriculum Mapping? This is the mistake you’re making

    Don’t get me wrong: curriculum mapping is not a mistake, not in itself anyway. However, schools seem to make the same mistake over and over when implementing and using curriculum mapping tools. How do I know? Because I always hear different people, from different schools, make the same statements. These statements are not accurate, and […]

  • There is More to Learning than TEDTalks

    I’m very keen on TED TALKS. I learn a lot from them. I even have the channel loaded on my Roku Box. However, lately I have noticed people think TED TALKS is not just a source for inspirational summaries, but is in fact all they need to watch in order to understand a topic. TED TALKS […]

  • Don’t blame devices for misbehaviour, blame the students

    We’ve all had the meetings arising from students misbehaviour with their devices. I had one recently after students did ‘something’ amiss on their iPads. Sadly, these meetings are not unusual for me, or, indeed, for anyone who manages technology in schools. For that matter, this is common for anyone working in education. Students have “things” […]

  • How I changed the perception of lesson plans at my school

    I was reminded last week of one of the great unmentionables. A teacher was absent and I heard some rumblings about lesson plans. As any school administrator knows, no one ever says anything good about lesson plans. The norm is a non-verbal look of piercing annoyance when lesson plans are mentioned. I actually created the school’s […]

  • How to Teach Programming (without worrying about font size)

    I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how to teach programming – and font size. That sounds a little arcane, but this is why… This week on IT Babble the Podcast Edition, [Ed’s note – you should listen, it’s very good] you will hear Patrick and I discuss this topic that was posted on […]