Nikki Sturzaker

Osteopath in Streatham, South London. Treating back, joint and muscular pain.

  • How you can help your pupils’ posture

    We’ve spoken before about the stresses and strain being put on young people by their lifestyles – and there’s every reason to assume it’s getting worse. Hunching over mobile phones, sitting badly while using laptops, and not paying enough attention to workstations and deskspace all contribute to poor posture and the associated health issues that […]

  • Seven ways to help a child’s back and neck pain in schools

    Every morning, on the school run, you’ll see children staggering in, weighted down by the heavy bags they feel they need to carry – a week’s books, sports kit, snacks… it all adds up. The problem is that the sanctions that come with forgetting sports kit or books is worse, in a child’s mind, than […]

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  • Can giving pupils standing desks help concentration and health?

    What started off as something slightly faddish in the workplace is beginning to be increasingly normal as more and more offices, especially those where staff do mostly computer-based work, are giving their team standing desks. But could it work for pupils? Some schools are trying it out, to try and find if it can help […]

  • The best apps to improve your health

    It’s been mooted for a while now that the data generated by wearable tech can be the key to transforming health. The ability to measure activity, blood pressure, sleep and stress levels and for doctors to monitor health and treatment from afar could well be the key to self-management of our own health. The key […]

  • Don’t add sports injury to new year resolution

    It’s the New Year – and once again it’s time to make those resolutions and be a slightly better person this year. For many of you, that will mean exercising, and getting up from your desk-job, blowing the dust off your trainers and trotting gamely around the local park. You’ve got a sedentary job, it […]

  • Do you have ‘text neck’? And five ways to deal with it if you do…

    By definition, you are reading this on an electronic device. More than likely a tablet or a phone. And if that’s the case, then it’s more than likely that you’re hunched over a little, head forward. Did you just sit up straighter? Thought so… The noises from medical researchers are increasingly shrill on the damage […]

  • So you’re in pain. Should you ice it, or heat it?

    I see many patients where treatment can set them on their way to recovery, but some self-management of their symptoms would be beneficial. Sometimes that involves painkillers, but masking the pain can lead to people performing the sort of actions which will make things worse, without noticing so much. Often, it involves me saying ‘you […]

  • Desk exercises to help you survive the office

    We’re becoming a sedentary bunch. Even with increased flexible working practices, too many of us spend too long sitting at a desk working. Few of us seem to have physical work these days and while repetitious or hard physical work can create problems of its own, our lack of regular activity can lead to long-term […]