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  • School bullying linked to poorer academic achievement

    Not only does bullying at school affect students’ emotional and social lives, it also directly affects their schoolwork and engagement in the classroom, suggests a U.S. study. Students who faced bullying for much of their time in school had the greatest risk of low achievement and engagement, researchers found. And kids who were victimized only […]

  • Do doctors spend too much time with their computers?

    For every hour that some doctors devote to direct patient care they may spend about five hours on other tasks, often because they’re tied up with computer work, a Swiss study suggests. The results are based on observations of just 36 doctors-in-training at one hospital in Switzerland. But research dating back more than half a […]

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  • Parenting skills for dads offer better school readiness for children

    A reading program designed to help men become better fathers is associated with better parenting skills as well as behavior and learning improvements in kids, a study suggests. In the study, researchers focused on fathers and kids at Head Start centers in New York City, where programs are designed to improve school readiness for children […]

  • Fintech firm creates alert system for trading on Trump tweets

    London-based fintech firm is launching an app that will generate trading alerts for shares based on comments made on social media by Donald Trump. Keeping one eye on the U.S. President-elect’s personal Twitter feed has become a regular pastime for the fund managers and traders who invest billions of dollars daily on world stock, […]

  • The 6 characteristics of a Chief Marketing Officer

    For Lionbridge CMO Clint Poole, creativity is a way of viewing the world that will never fall out of favor–no matter how much data comes marketers’ way. “While marketing executives are increasingly behaving like business managers with P&L and revenue responsibilities and becoming increasingly removed from the creative development process, that doesn’t mean they are […]

  • Virtual reality gaming a hit in gym class for ‘problem’ children

    Kids with behavioral problems may do better in school when they get to play virtual-reality games on stationary bikes instead of participating in traditional gym class activities, a small study suggests. At a school for kids with behavior disorders, researchers offered 103 students seven weeks of so-called “cybercycling” during either the fall or spring semester. […]

  • Coding schools aim to fulfil tech demand

    As demand grows for computer programers in the technology job sector, accelerated programs to teach coding is a booming industry. But these largely unregulated schools are shrouded in controversy, with many questioning if an intensive course prepares people as effectively as obtaining a traditional degree in computer science. Ben Gruber reports:

  • ‘Baby brain’ – pregnancy triggers changes in a woman’s brain, say researchers

    Pregnancy may trigger changes in the structure and size of regions in a woman’s brain that are involved in responding to social and emotional cues, a recent study suggests. Many of these changes appeared to last at least two years after giving birth, the study found. Mothers who had the most pronounced alterations in their […]