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Explorer, eternal learner, animal lover. Perpetually drawn to the ocean. Adventure ready. Suffers from wanderlust. Likes chasing things down the sink with the little sprayer thingy.

  • 6 Chrome Extensions Great for Students and Teachers

    With Chromebooks gaining popularity in classrooms, many folks have offered guides on how to use some popular software like Microsoft Word and Office 365 on these otherwise seemingly stripped down machines. Though they may seem basic, Chromebooks and Chrome (as a browser for those not using Chromebooks) are probably more robust than you think. The Chromium project […]

  • 14 Great Common Core Resources

    The Common Core State Standards are probably affecting your classroom in one way or another. Forty-two states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) have adopted the Common Core State Standards as of this writing, so chances are, they’ve made their way into your classroom. If you’re unfamiliar with […]

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  • How To Teach Students Effective Online Research Skills

    When I was in school (We walked uphill both ways! In the snow! With no shoes! Oh, the hardship!) and the internet was just a glimmer in the eye of Al Gore (I joke!), “doing research” mostly involved the library. As in, physically going there, finding books via a card catalogue, and using the index […]

  • The EdTech Alphabet for 21st Century Teachers

    Along with the vast amount of technology that has entered our classrooms in recent years comes a whole new vocabulary. The EdTech alphabet that we’ve put together below started as a smaller collection of different topics we’ve written about over the past few years, and while it is by no means exhaustive, it covers a […]

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    The Teacher’s Guide to Using Pinterest in Education

    Five or so years ago when it launched (way back when, in technology terms), Pinterest entered a social media market dominated by text. Quite simply, it brought an unprecedented visual aspect to social media which users enjoyed, though it was a fairly basic platform. Fast forward to today and you’ll find a plethora of new […]

  • How to Get Free Computers for Schools

    There’s much discussion about putting technology in classrooms, what options are best, and how to best employ hardware, software, apps, and other web tools. While all of these are completely valid discussions, it can be easy to forget that for many schools and classrooms, there is a bigger issue at hand – how can you get […]

  • 30 EdTech Conferences Worth Checking Out

    As technology has become more ubiquitous in our classrooms, more avenues have begun to develop to allow teachers learn how to best employ said technology, as well as learn to use it in the first place. Way back when, there were a few different conferences one could attend, and many teachers stuck to their school sponsored […]

  • How to Use Canned Responses in Gmail

    Yesterday, we enumerated some our favorite Gmail hacks that we employ regularly to make our lives a little easier. We heard from a number of you that the canned responses feature seemed as though it would be quite useful, and several of you requested a tutorial. Since we don’t like to be in the business of disappointing […]