Jimmy Leach

Jimmy Leach is a digital consultant, working with governments, organisations and people. He tweets at https://twitter.com/JimmyTLeach

  • How to use the best audience mapping tools in your industry

    You’re a thought leader in your industry. You have insights that no-one else has. You should be a leading light – but no-one knows you’re there. Your audience is out there, on social media, just waiting to be enlightened. But how do you find them? It’s not always that obvious. In industries which don’t centre […]

  • Two ways to make your friends more interesting on Facebook

    Going to Facebook can be a demoralising experience. Who are these people? Why are they posting such nonsense? The sad fact is, they are your friends and they put that stuff there because they think people, including you, will like it. But while it may be too late to change your friends, you can at […]

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  • How to deactivate or delete your Facebook account – or just hide its irritations

    Facebook can get pretty tedious, very quickly. The ‘enthusiasts’ sharing the same viral videos, the same ‘inspiring’ quotes and the same fake outrage at some political pronouncement or other. It can drive the most patient of social surfers to the brink. If that’s you, you have three choices – moderate your own feeds, deactivate or, […]

  • Want a successful crowdfunding campaign? You need these 5 things.

    You’ll have noticed that crowdfunding is quite the thing for people and businesses looking to raise money. It’s not quite the guaranteed route to success people would have you believe, but for projects or businesses which struggle to raise cash via the ‘normal’ route, it’s a very worthwhile option. Don’t kid yourself, though, that this […]

  • 5 rules for choosing the best EdTech

    You didn’t get into teaching so that you could spend your days trying to work out which edtech option is the best app for this or the best online tool for that. These things are supposed to support you, not burden you, and it’s teaching you love, not technology. Yet there’s always that nagging feeling […]

  • How to decide how much screen time a child should have

    Obviously, digital devices are an integral part of modern life for children now, helping them both learn and play. Yet it’s difficult to get the balance right – between education and fund; between screentime and ‘real life’. So these are some things to take into consideration, whether it’s your own child or the pupils in […]

  • Ten podcasts to broaden your mind

    The revival of the art of the podcast is a splendid thing. All human life in in there, with the (relatively) low-tech delivery of the high falutin’. And for the user, it’s an effortless way to receive wisdom from some of the finer minds in a  variety of disciplines, academic and otherwise. So you really […]

  • Periscope to autoplay within Twitter

    One of the significant issues with Periscope, the visibility of its livestreams, may now be close to being solved as Twitter users will now be able to watch Periscope live streams straight from their feeds. For teachers, as we’ve said before, it’s one of the simplest and useful ways to have a live broadcast all […]