Hermione Loofs

Mother of two sons who negotiates being taught new technologies in exchange for free (almost) computer time.

  • How developing integrity helped gaming experiences …

    ‘Did anyone in your group volunteer when he asked who has a life changing story to share?’ My sons’ are discussing today’s guest speaker. Their school regularly invites people to challenge then inspire a hall packed with row upon row of teenage boys. These speakers are frequently survivors of horrendous life experiences.  They talk of […]

  • Who can help pupils learn the social skills of the digital world?

    Eyes bleary, the teenagers log on; just checking emails they cry. One checks his phone, the other scrolls through his Skype messages just in case a late gaming friend has left a message. They have about 28 minutes turnaround from bed to front door given their late crawl from beneath blanket piles. Two thoughts entwine: […]

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  • What I learned from a Suzuki flute sensei in five days

    The tall teenager leans ever so slowly towards his sensei, flute in hand.  Irrepressible red curls meet coiffed black hair.  The room is packed with flute teachers observing; my son is a guinea pig today. And yes, it’s school holidays.  Yes, he resisted: I want to go cycling with my friends; it’s not fair – […]

  • Fighting, talking, learning – the joys and perils of a Minecraft education

    It’s school holidays. Exuberant 12 year olds shout – ‘what’s in the chest? ; ‘there’s a creeper’ . Clear signs it’s a Minecraft day.  I can distinguish four happy voices – although there could be more – cooperating as they explore todays chosen server. Skype facilitates somewhat. ‘Guys I need help – they’re spawning all […]

  • Social media networks can be more supportive than you think

    The lanky teenager silently cradled his mobile. Tears scattered as he turned towards me. His fear, his confusion, his helplessness were palpable. ‘He said he’s going to commit suicide.’ And there it was. The first confronting social media experience for my son. I stared at his mobile; Messenger showed half a boy – smiling. Orchestra […]

  • Should we grant technology status as a sentient being?

    Reading dystopian novels is almost a rite of passage, made easier today with technology. There’s irony there. How many of the classic dystopian novels you read explored how the seemingly perfect society is maintained through oppressive societal control usually through a combination of corporate or totalitarian state using some form of all powerful technology? My favourite […]