Nikolaos Chatzopoulos

Founder of @st4tevent, Director of Innovation, Ambassador of @BookCreatorApp, @playosmo, @Getkahoot & @Augthat, Co-founder of @EdCampTampaBay Blogger, Speaker, super curious about learning new things :-).

  • 2 simple ways to create digital textbooks for the classroom

    Textbooks are an irrevocable part of every classroom, and sometimes, they constitute the classroom, school, or district curriculum. Teachers rely on them to teach concepts, and use them to illustrate examples, share ideas, and assign homework and class work. However, any teacher who takes his/her job seriously will tell you that there is no textbook […]

  • How to use Osmo in the classroom

    Today the field of educational technology is literally bombarded with new ideas and devices that promise to revolutionize the way we teach. Some of these newcomers have strong potential and promise a unique learning experience. One such product is Osmo. Osmo is an innovative device that transforms an iPad into an interactive classroom accessory able […]

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    Easily create an eBook with these 3 powerful apps

    Digital books are transforming the way students of all ages learn today. The interactive elements of digital books enhance the learning experience, making it far more informative and interesting than before. Many teachers today are embracing this new media and producing some high quality student-made eBooks in their classrooms. One of the most fascinating ways […]

  • 3 EdTech Tools for the One iPad Classroom

    iPads are amazing learning instruments that can improve instruction and student engagement dramatically. Those of us privileged enough to work in 1:1 iPad classrooms can attest to that. But lets be realistic: most classrooms around the world do not have access to the funds and resources necessary to equip a full classroom with iPads for […]

  • How to use App Smashing on the iPad to create an iBook

    iPads can be powerful teaching tools. In classrooms around the world iPads are mainly used by teachers and students for consumption, curation, and creation of information. Naturally, due to its simplicity, consumption of information is the most common way in which iPads are used in and out of the classroom. Also, many people use iPads […]

  • How to use Google Classroom for professional development

    Last month I wrote a post titled ‘3 Different Things You Can Do With Google Classroom‘. Soon after, I received several emails and Twitter messages from people who read that article on Edudemic, and are interested in ideas and ways Google Classroom can be used for Professional Development.We have been experimenting with different scenarios and […]