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How to use the best audience mapping tools in your industry

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How to use the best audience mapping tools in your industry

You’re a thought leader in your industry. You have insights that no-one else has. You should be a leading light – but no-one knows you’re there. Your audience is out there, on social media, just waiting to be enlightened. But how do you find them?

It’s not always that obvious. In industries which don’t centre around big cities especially, and have no natural centre (like, say, education), it can be difficult to find the audiences and the influencers (in who’s company you belong). Fortunately, there are a few tools out there that will significantly help with this and will allow you to communicate and interact with like-minded people.

Just use the right keywords – it always starts with keywords.

The first place to start searching are the analytic sites such as TweetDeck and Followerwonk which can be a huge help with where your audience is online and allows you to engage with them.

TweetDeck: probably the easiest way to search for an audience. Simply search a hashtag (#) and add it as a column and anyone mentioning that word will pop up on your twitter. From here you can follow them, begin conversations with them, and see who is talking to and following them. The fundamental aspect to this is keywords. What words are likely to be used in relation to your topic in #’s?

Followerwonk: used for Twitter. It helps you ‘find and connect with new influences in your niche.’ Simply search bios for a keyword you are interested in and it will list everyone who uses that word in their profile. You can then order them in various ways — how active they are, social authority (this tells you how influential those people are on Twitter) or by how many followers they have. It also sets out when your followers are tweeting so that you can post at a time your message is most likely to be seen. A basic version is available for free and a full version is available for $99 a month. Although the free version is more than sufficient for finding a good number of like-minded people.

Using Followerwonk is a good first step as there are often links to websites and blogs on Twitter profiles, which can lead you to more audiences.

Twilert: This helps you monitor who is talking about you so you can engage and respond to them efficiently. You can track keywords and hashtags and therefore find people who have similar interests to you. It helps you find people who are relevant to your location, language and keyword searches.

Another form of social media that can be incredibly helpful is blogs. These can be unbelievably hard to find if you don’t know the right way to go about it. But there are a couple of Google search tips that come up trumps a lot of the time.

1. keyword intitle:blog — type your keyword followed by intitle:blog and you will find any blogs entitled with your keyword.

2. keyword inurl:blog — this is a broader search than 1.

These searches, while only successful depending on the keyword used, can lead you to useful blogs, sites and ways into communities you otherwise probably wouldn’t have heard of or been able to access.

This can all be time consuming but it doesn’t have to be hard. Find the right keywords and you have the potential to hit gold.

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Jimmy Leach is a digital consultant, working with governments, organisations and people. He tweets at @JimmyTLeach


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